CHOCO BLACK FOREST:  A popular birthday demand 
Black Forest

Children’s birthdays are the best and most popular occasions that re-celebrated all over the world. Apart from your child, the parents enjoy the occasion with a lot of enthusiasm as well. To make your child’s birthday more memorable, nothing can match cutting a cake for the occasion. We have one for your child’s birthday as well.   

One of the hot favorites all over the world is the Choco Black Forest Cake. A rich taste of chocolate in 4 layers, with fresh & delicious red cherries, topping and light whipped cream between the 4 layers, together with grated chocolate/shavings create the right mood for a birthday celebration. The high-quality frosting layers are every cake lover’s dream. This conventional-looking yet delicious cake suits a birthday more than the others. Probably the best value-for-money cake with every baker. Every birthday party deserves a Black Forest Cake treat!

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BUTTERSCOTCH:  Make your marriage anniversary special

Your marriage anniversary is a special occasion for the two of you. Whether it is a private, quiet celebration or one with your friends and relatives, it deserves the best cake around. To keep that lingering taste of togetherness, the Butterscotch Cake is one that is preferred by many.

This is another Irresistible flavour that has been tasted by generations. Butterscotch Cakes have always been a hit among people of all generations. Packed with the goodness of butter and brown sugar and a whole lot of cream, this flavour is bound to stimulate your taste buds.

A perfect anniversary celebration for the most romantic spouses!

FRUIT GATEAUX: Celebrate your professional Milestones

After 6 months of arduous and stressful work, the project rolls out to the client. Hours of hard work has finally paid off. Who says that workplaces cannot be happy places?  And happy places always have celebrations! This is one such situation where you, your boss and your colleagues can relax and enjoy the fruits of labour after a successful project implementation. And what could be better to enjoy it with than a cake?

Presenting the Fruit Gateaux Cake, for people who love a combination of cake, cream and fresh fruit toppings. For fruit lovers, this happens to be an excellent treat for the occasion. The rich cream and the fresh fruit toppings of pear, pomegranate, blueberries and papaya and others give a rich taste to the overall package.

A must-have cake for workaholics!!

RED VELVET:  Add colour to Christmas and New Year celebrations

it’s that time of the year again. Yes, Winter. December is that month when one starts to get into a festive mood, with Christmas and New Year celebrations planning taking off in full swing. Christmas cakes have been around for a long time and welcome the New Year with a cake can be a marvellous idea.

The Red Velvet Cake, as the name suggests, sends a joyous and sweet feeling through you. Conventionally, Christmas cakes have to be good looking and delicious as well, and red is dominant colour for the occasion. This cake is specially crafted for the occasion.

Delicious butter and chocolate together with a red, bright red or red-brown colour, pink whipped cream and a cherry on the top makes this cake a head turner for the occasion. This cake has been a favourite in the recent past with its sinfully good looks and magical taste.

So make your Christmas and New Year celebration special with this dazzling cake treat!