Well, we all have been through with similar situations and we will come across many such in
near future. Being it a birthday party, wedding anniversary, naming ceremony, housewarming
it's more important to see our self with lots of inner joy at every level inviting relatives, and
friends with lots of enthusiasm, put extra care while ordering a cake, arranging snacks, and
Celebrating an event with greater joy.

Black forest of Sweet chariot

 We often hear people complaining their bad experience about cakes, after all, is very much
conscious of making a decision, be it a taste, delivery, or cost. It's not just about choosing a
brand, and flavor and have so many other factors to consider while making an order and let's
talk about them in detail below.
We, BestWish.in is a third party aggregator platform for end to end party products, and service
supplier solution and built with lots expertise in various aspects like listing qualified
seller/supplier, assured delivery model, and professional multilingual customer care.
BestWish.in has intelligent technology to help customer with results of qualified nearby cake
sellers/suppliers around him/her within a short time.
Here, what are the key factors to be considered while choosing a cake flavor from brand for
your party

1. Choose Cake Flavor: Think about the gathering, who are all coming and potentially kids,
family members, and friends and based on majority age group it should be easy to select,
Choose a chocolate cake if you have more of kids and youth and choose cream cake if you have
more of adults.

2. Egg or Eggless Cake: This is more common than we miss to specify that we need eggless
cake but fail to make a choice at that time of ordering and later try to request to change,
sometimes it’s possible and sometimes not so we have inbuilt technology from BestWish.in to
make sure customer never miss to this at that time of ordering.
3. Cake type - Designer/Photo/Regular cake: if it is a kid’s birthday, better to go with designer
cakes and you will find lot more varieties in it. If it is youth or teenager you can go with photo
cake where one of your best photos can be printed on top of the cake and which is edible. If it
is adult better to go with regular cake makes them very decent and happy about the occasion.
4. Check Seller Reviews & Ratings: Nowadays, each and every seller have social profiles like
Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and customers also frequently providing their feedback here
only. If you would look at their profile before buying a cake it would help a lot, BestWish.in
technology intelligently extract all the review, and rating from this social profiles and puts in front
of the customer.
5. Advance Ordering: if we go by cake seller/supplier recommended timing, they would make
Most of the preparation ahead of time and will not do a hurry burry job would obviously ensure
the greater quality. Based on well-known bakers around the Bangalore we suggest ordering a
cake 3-4 days in advance for designer cake, 1-2 days for photo cakes, and a day or more for
regular cakes.

6. Price: Every cake flavor cannot be justified mainly with price factor because of the ingredient
used to bring to best taste out of it, so let's not much specific on price by the look at important
gather going to happen at your place.
7. Nearby Stores: More often people find in late deliveries because of peak time traffic and
finding nearby qualified cake seller/supplier would de-risk your on-time delivery wish and
BestWish.in would help to find lots of such qualified, prompted cake seller around you with the
help of GPS identifies your location and get results within just a few seconds and our standard
delivery team helps you get cake on time.